Day 19 - Service Training - Embera Visit

Our site visit was better than I hoped. We visited an Embera community. Since the site we visited is a touristy spot, we got a little mini vacation. There was lots of sitting in hammocks and napping. Jeff is going to write more about what we did, so I am just going to share this one little story.

On Sunday we hiked up into the mountain with Jeff and Cynthia, the PCVs (Peace Corps Volunteers) we stayed with, to help their friend Francisco bring huge logs down to build his new casita (little house on stilts). He had a brand new beagle mix puppy. She was so cute! Her name is Lassy. She raced up and down the steep mountain trail. She’d be ahead of us and then behind and then cry when some one wasn’t keeping up and then be right where you wanted to walk. When we started bringing huge 20 foot long logs down the mountain she was right there too.

Eventually I got too tired to help. I only took two trips down with logs. Jeff took four, but then he was beat too. The PCVs suggested we just climb down to the river and float back instead of hiking back the way we came. This sounded like a good idea so Jeff, I and Cynthia slipped and slid our way down the steep slope to the river. Lassy came too. Francisco and Jeff (the other Jeff that lives there) stayed to bring down the last of logs. Once we got down to the river we all jumped right in to the refreshing water.

Everyone that is except Lassy. She wined and cried and ran along the bank as we started floating down river to the village. Eventually the bank became a steep wall, she was stuck. I kept thinking if we got far enough she would decide to swim with us. However, this just wasn’t the case. Cynthia wound up carrying Lassy in her arms as she waded down the river. About this time a canoe with two guys from the village and three tourist happen by. We must have looked so bizarre. Imagine in the middle of Panama seeing three Caucasian young adults fully clothed, and soaking wet, floating down the river and one of them carrying a dog.

I wish I had my camera.


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