Day 24 - Service Training - Photos of Host Community

My posts have been sadly lacking in pictures. So here´s a post of all pictures. This is a quick tour of our host village.

Above: This is our house. The little cement slab with the stumps is where the men sit to shoot the breeze. It is actually much more breezy there than up on the porch.
Above: Jeff with the dogs. These two are four months old. Ken is the brown one and the white is Bobby.

Above: This is El Rancho Technico where we have our tech training four hours a day. Notice the hard metal folding chairs. Those are not my friends.

Above: Jeff with a chocolate bar. The name brand is Orley. It made me smile. Grandpa´s name was Orley.

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  1. Anonymous6/12/2007

    Hey guys, just wanted to say hi and am too lazy for e-mail. Looks like you are having an amazing time, you're pictures make me want to travel! FYI I got a job in Baudette, MN, right on Lake of the Woods, so I'm leaving good ol' Ames mid-July. Eat a mango for me!