PC yahoo group

I have been lazy/busy and not typed up a post but I did ask about the yahoo group for PC Panama #59. Apparently you just need to send an email to PCPanama@yahoogroups.com and you will get an automatic response telling you how to join. Only family and friends of this trainie group will be able to find it because the group is hidden. You cannot search yahoo groups for it. One of the other trainies set it up for you all to exchange information and support.

An interesting side note: I really like mangos. Mangos hate me. Apparently the mango tree is in the same family as poison ivy so the leaves and skin of mangos can cause a poison ivy like response if you are sensitive to it. I happen to be very sensitive and not only do I get the rash but it spreads. Normaly I like to post with pictures but not to day. The medical people have some pills that are not as quick as what I have gotten in the past but they appear to clear up this problem. Thank god for small misfortunes. Sorry for any mis spellings. As of today no troubles not worries.


  1. santion6/09/2007

    Wow! I had no idea mangoes had such powers... *sad face* I am updating my website for you now...

  2. People should read this.