First 3 Weeks

We have been in site for about 3 weeks now. Here is a panoramic taken on the return end of the a recent hike we made to the closest community.
In total we hiked 4 hour and crossed 4 river/creeks each way. The whole area is steep hills and invariable my shirt is half soaked with sweat but the top of the first hill. Frequently I wonder why my body is so much more inclined to sweat than any one else here including Foy. I have witnessed one of the young men chase a horse down the road and when he returned with the caught horse he was breathing hard but still baby powder dry. More importantly I wonder if there is some way to change my bodies sweat settings.

We caught a ride to visit one of the local NGOs and in the car was an injured falcon.

The Laughing Falcon was wrapped and tied in fabric, but on a rough down hill section of the muddy path it escaped. In the process of catching and holding this creature it got hold of my middle finger with its rather powerful beak and bit through my finger nail. I bleed some but it turned out not to be too bad. One of the Embera boys at the NGO told me the bird thought my finger was a worm and it was hungry. The head of the NGO, Nathan said it was just afraid. Nathan is likely right, but at the time it was biting me it looked more angry than afraid. Probably just a matter of perspective.
The service guys fixed the public phone in our community it runs off solar panels that charge batteries and connects via satellite not a hardline. When the skies get cloudy the signal is patchy or nonexistent. Considering the weather here involves rain nearly everyday this can be an inconvenience but its better than not having a phone. Foy will send out the number via the massive email list and you can all run out and buy international phone cards and try to call us. If its not cloudy be ready with “¿Foy o Jeff estan cercita? ¿Los gringos de cuerpo de paz?” because some random person at the nearby tienda will answer the phone. This is not really a good idea until we live closer to the phone. We should be moving in 3 months. I will remind you to call us then. Right now we live 10-15 min trek from the phone. Now that I think about it I am not sure people in can call a public phone from the US even with a phone card. Some will just have to try it I guess. I try to walk in and talk with people once a day if we are not doing some other all day activity. My Spanish is improving but talking with Foy in English as much as I do really breaks up the whole immersion process.

Other than chatting to improve my Spanish I play ultimate Frisbee with people when enough people are willing. I sat through one day of school, and taught an English lesson. Walked the aqueduct and made several repairs. More on all these things later Lappy is running out of juice. No more typing till we can recharge.

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  1. Hey thanks for the call, I hope I get to talk/ hear you talk longer next time. I kicked the pants off the first writen portion of step two boards and I am seeing patients all day every day. The edenkind empire is researching lvl 16 espionage right now with lvl 15 on all the stat upgrades. If punchy gets to about 27 days no activity Ill logue on for you. Im trying to decide what to do with my life after I graduate, sound firmiliar? you should come out to the pasific north east coast in a cuople years, looks like all the diesburg boys are doing it. I am happy you are doing so well.