Lappy and his tecno friends sadly have departed. Our blog entries will most likely be shorter have fewer pictures and on my part worse spelling. That sadness aside here is some stuff that has happened or is happening.

I am currently reading The Decameron its a bit like Canterberry Tales only more bawdy. I think Mr. Carlson, the former Ames High teacher, probably loves this book but is not permitted to use it in public schools.

I was bit by another bird on a different finger. This one is a pet/wild parrot about half the size of the falcon, which has recover and returned to the jungle after a taste of me. This bicho (pest. usually an insect or animal), belongs to a member of our community. He told me the bird does not usually bite, but probably wanted to see what a gringo tasted like. He could not stop laughing, but his wife looked a little embarrassed and gave both Foy and I duros (frozen chicha) to assuage my pain. My finger should be fine in a few days.

In addition to bicho, here are some Spanish words I like:
Ye ye = a thing that is nicer than it needs be, all gringo houses are ye ye
Raca taca = a female thug or nasty girl
Cartucho = plastic bag from the grocery store
Bomberos berachos = drunk firefighters (Only funny when spoken together)
Por alle = the location of anything out of visual range. Both China and a person in the bathroom are por alle.
Chicha. = fruit juice. Also Tang, CoolAid, or any liquid of any color usually with bastante suger.
Bastante = Translates directly as enough, but is used as a lot or more than enough.

I went on a horse ride a few weeks ago. It was my first time in the saddle so I guess the six hour trip was bastante. I'll start from the start. There are two teenage boys in our community and no teenage girls. This is a very important and much bemoaned if you are a teenage boy. One of these boys, Abrham, said I should visit a small near by village with him to meet the people. I asked if it would take more than a day, and he said not if we used horses. I said I do not have a horse or saddle and he said he would borrow one for me. I asked if my wife could come and he said no.

We set out and at first I could not split my attention to speak Spanish and ride at the same time. But the horse was small and calm and quite easy to stay on top of. I said I was too big for the horse and he said it could carry at least 300 lb. I said the stir ups are too short and he laughed. I know from reading fantasy novels that horses have more than one gait so I tried out second gear. Trot I think it is called. I did not try for third because second was more than painful enough. And so with my knees by my nose we rode for a few hours and I saw a school with many children. I wanted to stop but my young friend said to keep going. We passed a store with people out front and I wanted to stop but we kept on. We got to Abraham's brother's house, thankfully left the horses and continued on foot for about half an hour. Finely we came to a house and my suspicions were confirmed. The family was very nice and the mother made us lunch, and Abraham passed the rest of the afternoon talking to a pretty young woman. I having nothing better to do drew her and her little brother while they talked. Before we rode back I adjusted the stir ups but I was already sore and the return trip was longer by an hour due to night coming on. I walked the 15 min to our house from Abraham's in full dark around 9 pm but the night was clear and the stars were beautifully bright.

I have never really desired to ride horses. They are fine an noble animals but if I was riding properly and that is what it should feel like, only masochists would ever ride horses.


  1. Anonymous10/02/2007

    Posting helps make trotting less painful; "third gear" (aka cantering) can actually be smoother than trotting, depending on the horse. /horse talk

    Thinking of you two!


  2. Anonymous10/02/2007

    I thought you would post about your bull riding experience at the festival, too. You are having a lot of alternative transportation experiences!

    Love, Mom

  3. I want to come play with you in Panama....I will think about it...do you think it would be possible much later when you are more completely settled in? Maybe I could take off work for a week or so.