Day 153 - Volunteer Service - Robbed

Well, I´m not sure how fast the bochinche (gossip) has traveled, but if you didn´t know, Jeff and I were robbed last weekend.

Jeff and I went to visit Bonnie, a gal who started a bed and breakfast in her old Peace Corps Site. She´s originally from Iowa and worked in Extension for Iowa State. We were staying for the Festival de Majorana in Guarare, Panama. While we were in at the festival on September 22 with six other Peace Corps Volunteers and Bonnie, her house was ransacked. They stole our laptop computer among other things. We lost about $900 worth of stuff. Between all of us who were staying there and Bonnie about $9,000 worth of stuff was stolen.

We are fine and no one was there to be injured. It was a long night and we have filed the appropriate paper work and I froze my bank account. We have insurance on our personal possessions so we should be able to get money to buy a new computer. However, we lost all the personal information on the computer. The theives, didn´t even steal the power cord, so they won´t be able to use the computer for more and a couple hours until the charge runs out.

Jeff and I decided to stay for the rest of the festival at Bonnie´s, as did many of the other Peace Corps Volunteers. We went onto Panama City Monday to start pushing the paperwork through for insurance and what not. Peace Corps will reimburse the cash lost.

It´s a crappy situation, but the festival was really wonderful. There were many women dressed up in Polleras, the traditional dress with the pearl flower hair pieces and gold combs . That´s the picture at the start of this post. They have a bunch of different contests and a parade where all the floats are ox drawn carts. It was fun three days despite the robbery. We even got to dance a little at a baile. It is the first cultural event we´ve gotten to partake in. It was well worth the time and effort to go to. Although I wouldn´t have traded the laptop for it.

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  1. Carmi Spicer10/04/2007

    Aparently some one doesn't watch "It Take a Thief"

    Sorry to hear about your losses.