Day 178 - Volunteer Service - Kitty and House

The bad part about not having a computer is the infrequency I can turn out a post.

Know what else is bad? Our camino (road) up into our valley.

Okay, so it isn't as bad as this photo, but it the same color mud, just mix in more rocks, and replace the ruts with minature ravines. This has resulted in both of the chiva drivers throwing in their hats and refusing to drive until the road gets fixed. When will the road get fixed? That's a good question. The answers range from tomorrow to the end of January. To get out of our site this time, we hopped the first vechical we had seen in two days, a logging truck (of possibly illigally harvest wood). We knew the guys who had hired the truck. When the logging truck got stuck in the mud, we hopped on a Jeep of some other people we knew and sat in the back with the sacks of platanos (plantains) until we got to the Interamericana Highway. We are hoping to have the same type of luck to get back into our valley.

Another exciting developement is we have a kitty. His name is Zeus. He looks a lot like a smaller version of Jeff's mom's cat, Spoof. He's yellow with a hint of tabby and a white belly and paws. He looks a little comical right now because he has a giant budda belly. His mom and siblings were killed by dogs. He was found by some people in another community and given to their Peace Corps Volunteer. She took care of him from the time he was about two or three weeks old until about five weeks. However, the volunteer's full grown cat didn't think much of him, so he needed a new home. That's were we stepped in.

And speaking of getting new homes, we just rented a house. It is made of tablas (wood planks), with a zinc roof and cement floors. It is one of the few wood houses I have ever seen painted. It is park bench green with a crayola blue fence. The best part is the relatively big porch. There will be lots of room for hammocks. Our house also has the added bonus of being a little a part from the community and up on a hill. Hopefully, we'll have decent air circulation and the mosquitos won't quite be so bad. We haven't actually been inside the house yet. Jeff had to traipse four hours round trip over very muddy ground to find the owner. The owner said he'll come up this week and clean out any possesions that are still in the house and give us the keys. We have agreed to pay $25 a month for rent. Can you imagine renting a whole house for $25 anywhere else?

I have photos, but the pop up blocker on this computer is blocking me from putting up photos easily. I'll see if I can work something out.