Day 183 - Volunteer Service - Quicky Update

We have just a couple minutes in the internet cafe, so I´ll try to give a quick update.

  • We just spent about $200 on stuff for our house. That´s a lot of Balboas! Although more impressive will be trying to put it all on the Chiva to get it up to our house.
  • Our gatito (little cat) is growing out of his Budda belly and starting to look like a real cat
  • Jeff is starting English classes today, actually
  • I have now read 30 books
  • We are going to have Thanks Giving with a bunch of volunteers
  • I saw a cockroach the size of my hand - no kidding - Jeff killed it
  • It rained a lot for two days straight. Apparently the left overs from some hurricane.
  • The camino (road) up to our site is still ugly. Although one transport is passing per day. However, the cost went up 50 cents per person.

1 comment:

  1. Day 183 already? Wow. Of course, we still miss you. How exciting about the new house. I am sure you will have it looking like a real home in no time. We had a freeze here last night. No snow yet! Stay dry.