Day 203: Volunteer Service - Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! We spent our Thanksgiving in the company of 100 Peace Corps Volunteers. Our location was beautiful Cerro Punta at the Los Quetzales Lodge and Spa. Jeff and I were part of a twenty person kitchen crew that made all the big dinner. I love cooking, but it was really strange to make these huge vats of food. There were four turkeys and two big hams, huge sheets of stuffing and broccoli cheese casarol and huge bowls of mash potatos and gravy. Here´s Darleen with the mashed potatos.

We had a lot of left over carrots, so Jeff cooked them with molassas to make tasty side dish.

Here´s Jeff and Rebecca working on the stuffing.

This is part of the hard working turkey crew. This was the best turkey I´ve had in a while. It was moist and well seasoned. I´ll be dreaming about Thanksgiving dinner for a while.


  1. Anonymous12/03/2007

    Missed you at the Thanksgiving table!

  2. Hey, did you guys meet a PC volunteer named Reed Palmer?
    He was in Panama for a couple of years but I can not remember when exactly. Now I volunteer with him for Water For People and we went to Bolivia twice together. Just wondered if there is a connection there?