Merry Christmas

Internet cafe closes in 10 min. must write quickly.

There is a grandontote mall connected to the bus terminal for all Panama and it is a slice of good ol´ USA. Christmas decorations look really weird in a tropical summer, but inside the mall it looks like home.

Merry Christmas


Care for a walk?

The heads of our respective sectors in PC are coming to visit our site tomorrow (12/4/07). The road to our site is very bad right now and the transport (a 4x4 truck we ride in the back of) can´t make it to our community and has not been able to for weeks. This morning I asked one of the men in our community about how long it would take to walk to where we could get a ride. He said he planed to walk to the nearest large town, it would take 2.5 hours, and I should walk with him.

It usually takes the transport more than 2 hours to make the same 17 km trip. I was pretty sure that it would be a steep and very muddy walk of more than 2.5 hours. We walked at what I would call a fairly quick pace given quality of the road and having only a small bag apiece to carry. At the 2 hour mark I commented that we were still a long way from our destination. He said that if I were to do this walk regularly and time it during the dry season it would be less than 2.5 hours, which was his best time when he was younger and used to walk to town once or twice a week....
We started at 10am and a little past 2pm me and my bloody feet caught a quick ride to the Hotel we usual stay at in town.

On the plus side.

I will catch a ride with our bosses tomorrow. Whom with me and 2 weeks of food can hopefully make it to our house. (PC has a few white Landcruiser that are in much better shape than our normal transport)

There was a work crew fixing one of three worst spots on the road when we walked by today.

In the last 3 days we have seen less rain than usual so the road is dryer than it has been (it still rains everyday)

A friend who works with one of the NGOs nearby took us, and a stove, and 2 tanks of propane, and a mattress, and our gigantic backpacks, and 2 large plastic containers full of stuff, to our house last time managed this trip.

Verano (the dry season) is coming. According to the same source as the 2.5 hour time on our trip, a non-4x4 can make it to our house during verano.

It is much easier to get up to our site than it is to leave it. If our bosses get stuck it will probably be on the way out.

Sorry, no pictures I did not bring the camera.