Day 247 Volunteer Service - Our House Tour

So we have offically been in our house for two months (we rent). Jeff has been been busy cutting in new windows, building a shower, hanging hammocks, making benches, - you know the usual.
It is hard to take a picture of our house because we have a big cashew tree in the front yard. Imagine a house a kid would draw. One door, two windows, sloping roof. Now imagine the house crayola green and draw a bright crayon blue fence all the way around. Now put a big tree in the front yard to the left. That's our house.

We have a house with one big room for a bedroom/kitchen. There is a second room that will become the guest bedroom as well as the tool room, but right now it is just storage. Here's our bedroom. The mosquito net is a hammock for Zues the cat. We don't let him sleep with us, so at night he climbs up the net and sleeps looking down on us. The bed frame and bench came with the house. We were very lucky we got a lot of furniture from the owners.

This is our closet. In the big main room of our house, one corner has a loft over it where a bunch of stuff of the owner's is stored. The area underneath Jeff hung poles to hang clothes on. This area also has the bookshelve that I made. Jeff says he's going to make a new one all out of wood. I think this works just fine. The kitchen is really fancy. I have a stove with oven, most people just have gas burners on a table. Also, Jeff has made a window that folds out of the wall and makes a countertop on one side. One of the highlights of the kitchen is the extensive collection of spices in little red jars that I have aquired. They make cooking so much tastier. The two big tupperware containers were a stroke of luck. We happened to choose two containers with wheels, so they roll in and out from under the shelves with ease. Jeff also built a handy little counter top above the gas tanks. That's what Zues the cat is sitting on in the photo.
This is how our porch looked before. Notice the exposed rebar and unsitely planks of wood that are just slapped up there. Here is our porch now. Notice the nice bench seating/fence as well as the hammock. Also, the friendly plants in coconuts that soften the roof support beams. The window the hammock hangs through is also new. Those fabulous wooden rocking chairs - yeah they came with the house.
This is the before picture of the side porch. We do most of our living on the this side. The dinner table, sink and clothes lines are all here as well as the side door to the kitchen. Just off the side of the house is the fagon (raised cookfire table) which shares a roof with the shower.
Here is the side porch after. Isn't it inviting?

There's more to our house, but that will have to wait for the next post.

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  1. Anonymous1/10/2008

    You put all those TLC home improvement shows to shame. I hope I'll get to come visit you and try out the guest room!