Day 295 - Volunteer Service - Red Passion Flower

On the front cover of my Costa Rica Plants Guide there is a photo of the most beautiful red passion flower. The other day while riding out in the chiva, I saw one blooming on the side of the road. If I thought I could have been heard over the engine, I might have tried to get the chiva to stop. So I resigned myself to never actually seeing one, but then Jeff brought one home for me! He found it when he was out harvesting corn with some of the guys. Although he then told me he saw one in the road, not a kilometer from our house right after he picked the one in the woods.

This type of passion flower is pretty neat. The vine grows up into the canopy of the rain forest, but it flowers down near the ground. Right where we can enjoy it. I don´t have the book with me so I don´t know the scientific name.

There are many different types of passion flowers in Panama. Two of other passion flowers are cultivated for their edible fruit. Both the maracuya (passion fruit) and the grenadina (grenadine) are used to make chichas - the typical juice type drink here in Panama. We really like the maracuya and we have seven little plantlings started in two different locations. We´re hoping to get some fruit on them before our time is up.


  1. Hey! Leah gave me your blog info, so I wanted to say Hi! and, congrats on the wedding and being in Panama and all that great stuff.

  2. Foy -
    Did you ever determine the scientific name for this beauty? My wife and I just returned from 11 days in Panama and saw flowers that looked just like this several times. So far a search has yielded lots of photos but no name, probably because of my lack of search capability:-). Would love it if you could help!
    Jack Schultz

  3. It is Passiflora vitifolia also known as Granadilla del monte in Spanish.