Not Too Far For a Visit

At times it seems we are in a completely different world, but Panama is not that far away. Hop on a quick two and a half hour flight from Miami to Panama city and you are most of the way here.

Note the insignificant distance between the two red dots.

We now have a guest bedroom set up. If you have the inclination and the resources we would love have friends and family come and visit. Just email us ahead of time and we can work out the details. I recommend not coming during the wet season Oct- mid Jan.This is a front view of our house. We will be here until Aug. 2009 waiting for you.

On a side note the crew working on our road has made great progress. A trip into or out of our site is now much easier, quicker, and dustier. The work appears to be done in a manner so that when the constant heavy rains return the road will quickly revert to the muddy quagmire it so recently was. Sigh.

We went to The City yesterday to get general work done and pick up some very important packages in the PC office. There were six things waiting for us. One had a letter inside that started with Happy Halloween and three others were Christmas gifts.

The most anticipated item was our XO (I will get some pictures of it later). The XO is the product of the "One Laptop Per Child" project. Brought to us by the heroic deeds of my younger brother, and despite the best efforts of FedEx to sabotage the delivery, we now have an indestructible marvel of child-sized, waterproof, computing technology. Now I need to figure out how to use it.

Unfortunately it did not come with the crank charger that children in developing countries get, so I will have to work out how to charge it with our solar panel.

Normally, we catch a busito (small public transport with AC) back to Chepo, but we were too late in the day, and so had the pleasure of riding this full sized bus.

The photo does not do its gold paint and seven hood ornaments justice. If possible we will try to catch busitos in the future.

Some days we get more done than others. One morning last week I decided it was time we plant the avocados that Foy started in plastic bags at Ramiro´s house. In the process of planting them on the back hill, Foy said "We should really limpiar this area". This is not the first time she has mentioned it and since we were already out there I got started."Limpiar" means to clean. In Panama it also means to cut down anything that the jungle has managed regrow in your field, along the road, or around your house. I like to think of it as mowing the lawn with a sword. I am nearly done limpiaring the area behind our house, when it occurs to me that being out here, in my swim trunks and sandals, swinging my machete is about as close as this tall white guy gets to being Panamanian.

At the PML conference mentioned in earlier posts, I did a few pen sketches. This one of an other PC Volunteer is my favorite.Combination Jonny Depp / trucker.

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  1. Anonymous2/22/2008

    Those little red dots are only like 2 inches away from each other! Crazy hot amounts of sunshine and warm dry weather sound so amazing I think I'll hop down to Panama soon. I just gotta talk Mom into getting her Passport renewed and we'll be on our way. Miss you both!