We should be in our site right now. This morning we waited for our ride for about two hours, then started asking around. Turns out the transport driver did not feel like driving today. It is Sunday and I guess he can take a day off if he wants, but it is pretty inconvenient for us. This extra time in Chepo does give me a chance to make an unprecedented two posts in two days.Here is Foy with the XO. She looks unhappy because we meant to be home yesterday.

I have fiddled with it for several hours now. I can play one song at a time, view pictures, and move files. That along with typing is pretty much all we need. I hope it has some kind of spell check. The Linux OS is pretty buggy and as Foy read through the FAQs sheet Steven included with the XO, she saw nearly all the bugs I was complaining about listed as "known bug to be fixed in an upcoming version".

When we open the XO up I showed it off to the PC office tech guy. He brought the Country Directer out for a look.

I happened to find the camera function.


  1. Foy, you should check out my elephant internship story over the next few weeks!

    I had such a great time shoveling lots of poo! Built up the shoulders.

    The JEA gym is terrific. Still enjoying it!

    You guys look great!

  2. Here is your Carmi update! I am going to work for John Deere in the summer. I am currently designing a portable charger for your laptop. Carmi

  3. Anonymous2/25/2008

    Thats sweet you got a hold of the XO, I should be getting mine soon around the middle of March(And hope we can get those updates soon). Hope all is well with you guys and see ya at AVC.