Day 327 - Volunteer Service - Photos to share

Here´s some new photos (with captions) for you all to enjoy !

This is Jeff antaganizing our cat. The cat loves it, he could run away at anytime, but he doesn´t.


  1. Anonymous3/28/2008

    That is the same "viper kitty" look that Spoof gets when Jeff plays with him. And Zeus appears to be saying "HSST" as well.


  2. Anonymous3/31/2008

    What an adorable little guy! I was very disappointed that I missed your calls, but it looks like you're doing well (that's one hot and sexy garden!!)

    Love you,

  3. My husband and I are from Iowa State University, and will be flying to Panama for our Peace Corps service on April 16th. I found your blog online, and am excited to find that there are fellow Iowans in the area! Your blog has been a great insight to what we may find upon arrival.

  4. I also meant to ask if there is anything that you would suggest to bring for our service or living- we will be in Community Environmental Conservation. Thanks!

  5. That is a great picture. Awesome. This proofs Jeff made Spoof mean (contributed by Adam).

    Emily and Adam