Day 358 - Volunteer Service - El Salto (The Waterfall)

 The very first time we visited our village, we were taken to see El Salto, the jump, which is what they call the waterfall.  For along time I didn't know what they were talking about because they would say "the place where the water jumps" (el lugar donde el aqua salta).  We walked along the road the cars take.  It was about a 45 minute walk.  It is beautiful, but we don't want to spend an hour and half round trip walking there with frequency.  
Then Teri visited and we thought, we should take her to see El Salto.  Instead of walking the road we decided to walk along the river.  By following the river it is only maybe 20 minutes away.  So I think we'll be visiting there with more frequency. 
We spent an afternoon frolicking in one of the pools near the end of the cascade.  Little fish nibbled us.  Then we had ourselves a little photo shoot.  With something this beautiful close by it is easy to take it for granted.  For more beautiful pictures visit our online gallery
When we started walking back we encountered Junior lavaba oro (washing gold - or I suppose a less direct translation - panning for gold).  This is a favorite pass time of the men,  It's kind of like playing the lottery.  If they are really lucky they just might hit the jackpot.  (He is wearing pants in the picture, I know it is hard to tell.)

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