Embassy Family

As perviously mentioned PC introduced us to an embassy family.
JJ and Marcela with their children, baby Daniel and Isabella
This is our third stay at their house and as before they are generous and genial hosts. I have no problem offering help or resources to other people, but it makes me uncomfortable accepting the same in return. They do not expect payment, but I get twinges of conscience taking what is so freely given. That aside I really enjoy visiting them. JJ and Marcela are close to our age and feel more like friends than host parents. I feel more relaxed in their home than crammed into a hotel. Also, it is ever more difficult to find available rooms in the city and prices go up accordingly. Trying to find a place to stay that we can afford is a stress I do not miss.

Having made the full group shot I could not resist making a Panamanian portrait of us. Marcela saw it and asked "Are those your parents?"

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  1. This is one of the real parents checking in. Really I don't want to look like that.