Day 505 - Volunteer Service - Seeders

Seeders is a program with in Peace Corps Panama that collects, distributes and stores seeds for volunteers. Megen, Tom, Jeff and I are the Seeders commity. We meet once every four months to put clean, and organize the seed fridge at the Peace Corps office. Then we sort the seeds into small packets and put the packets in tackel boxes. There is one tackel box for each of the 9 regions in Panama. The boxes are taken to each regional meeting and volunteers may take the seeds they need for their reforestation, agriculture or home garden projects.

In addition to the seeds we are putting together information on seed saving, collecting, and banking, as well as general instructions for growing vegetables and trees. This information is in booklet form as well as on PeaceCorpsWiki.org

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  1. so i came across your blog through google.

    i'm planning a short trip to panama (for two days) next week-!!

    anything you would say to not miss? we definitely want to see some rainforest and beaches.

    and it looks like i'll be ok with sundresses?

    i love all the pictures.
    i had no idea that the peace corps was in panama.. i have some friends volunteering in kasakhstan and somewhere in africa.

    that's awesome.