Day 505 - Volunteer Service - Bocas Del Toro

Adam and Emily came to visit us from September 16th to October 2nd. We had a great time showing them around our Peace Corps community, traveling to Bocas del Toro and enjoying Panama City. Here's the photos.

Boat Tours:
We took two boat tours. One was arranged by a fellow vacationer and he invited us along. It was a private boat. It was $10 per person for an all day deal. We used the hotel's equipment for snorkeling, We visited:

  • Bird Island - Beautiful, there were three different kinds of Boobies and pica rojas.
  • Starfish beach - big starfish, lots of them, but not much else
  • Snorkeled near Smithsonian - the mangroves were amazing places to snorkel, sometimes there were so many fish you couldn't see.

The second one was through a boat rental owned by a Minnesotan couple. $20 a per person and included towels, a cooler, bottled water and all the snorkel gear. We visited:

  • Dolphin Cove - we saw two dolphins, but there were lots of tourist boats trying to get close and ti felt like we were exploiting the poor dolphins.
  • Coral Cay - Nice snorkeling, no big fish, but lots of coral
  • Lunch - we packed in our own
  • Hospital Point - More snorkeling more fish than Coral cay, but not that many

We stayed at the Mar Vista for $55 a night per couple. They were nice, hot water, good beds. Breakfast came with.


  • Ohm - Indian food, decent, a little pricey, not good for breakfast
  • El Ultimo Refugio - good, they have a new menu every day, good desserts, interesting fusion food
  • Peruvian - I don't remember the name, but it was disappointing
  • Sara's - home of killin' me man sauce, it was a nice place for lunch.
  • El Pecadors - I hear is closing down, but it was wonderful, go if you get the chance
  • 9 Degrees - In the Tropical Market, Delicious but expensive, go for lunch.
  • Super Gourmet - really a market not a restaurant, but a good place to buy food for day trips

Getting There and Back: We took the overnight from Panama City. It leaves at 8:00pm, cost $26 per person and arrives at 6:00am in Mirante. From Mirante take the water ferry over to Bocas $4. The way back the bus leaves around 7:00pm, and costs the same. You arrive in Panama around 6:00am.

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  1. Wow this is awesome! My hubby and I live in Chorrera... and I was browsing other Americans in Panama blogs... very cool!