Day 541 - Volunteer Service - 100 Books Read

Friends and family have mailed me boxes full of heavy and therefor expensive books. Each box has been a little connection to home. Then I run out of those books, so I pick over the Peace Corps lending library every chance I get. I also greedily search hostel and hotel give-one take-one shelves.

Me with my stash in the Peace Corps Office.

Before Peace Corps I read, but I also used the internet, watched movies and other things that require electricity and proximity. In rural Panama reading has been my relaxation, my education and my touch stone. I have been steadily reading about a book a week. In November I hit 100 books read. Here's my "Best Of" List:
Humor Sex Lives of Cannibals by Troost
Informative Economic Hitman by Perkins
Prize Winner Interpreter of Maladies by Lahiri (Pulitzer Prize Winner 2000)
Fantasy The Name of the Wind by Rothfuss
Science Fiction Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep by Dick
Peace Corps Read The Poisonwood Bible by Kingsolver
I keep a list of all the titles with their authors. Next to the author's name I have been ranking each book on a scale of 1 - 10. These are other books that I gave top rankings, Honorable Mentions I guess. They are the books that I enjoyed reading the most.
Omnivore's Dilemma by Pollan
The Golden Compass by Pullman
This I Believe edited by Alison
Peace Like a River by Enger
The Stone Diaries by Shields
Kockroach by Knox
The Quiet Invasion by Zettel
The Thirteenth Tale by Setterfield

All of these books should be floating around in the Peace Corps libray.

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