Christmas 2008

We are lucky enough to have been connected with an embassy family who lives in Panama City. Every month or two we spend a few days with them. We are spoiled by their hot water shower, their washer and dryer, and their guest bed might be the nicest we sleep on during our 27 months here.

Last year was the least festive Christmas ever. This year JJ and Marcela invited us to join them over the holiday, and though we still missed our families, this year we had a real Christmas.

Their children are unstoppably cute.

In July I made some sketches, took reference photos, and made these portraits to give as presents. I am proud of how they turned out. It helps that I had months to work on them. Unlike working under tight deadlines, I only painted when I wanted to. I think the results show how much I enjoyed the subject and the process. As always the originals are better than the scans, que va. (the Spanish phrase that means roughly "that's how it is and there is nothing to be done about it" usually accompanied with a head tilt and shoulder shrug.)

Baby Daniel



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  2. We are lucky to have you coming to our house. We Have enjoy your company and friendship very much!!!
    We LOVE the portraits they are beautiful!! Thanks Jeff and Foy for spending Christmas with us...It really made a nice difference having you here...It was Christmas!!!
    The Hurley Family

  3. Beautiful pictures. Did you get them to sit still for that long?