Day 566 - Volunteer Service - Cookbook

I volunteered to put together and edit the Volunteer Cookbook. It was a big job, but with a lot of help from Jeff and Kevin we did get it done by our goal date of November 20th. I have never worked on publishing and printing something on this scale and it was definitely a learning experience.

New to the fourth edition is the beautiful watercolor cover by Jeff, 114 new recipes (including Panamanian specialties), a glossary of English to Spanish food words and conversion charts for volume and temperature. Plus lots of images of Panamanians eating and cooking.

There was only money to print 50 for starters. All but 15 sold by the end of the Thanksgiving get together. They are $10 each. All proceeds go to the Gender and Development Peace Corps program. Let me know if you want a copy!


  1. Anonymous12/03/2008

    Foy, I'd love to have a copy of the cook book. Will you be ready to come home in July? You will find it both a happy and sad time. Happy to be goingg home and sad to leave the friends you have made. There is a book called "Reentry" that is good to read for people who are coming home from missions. The transition to a world of plenty from a world of poverty is very hard. Keep up the good work. Aunt Pam

  2. Anonymous12/04/2008

    I want a copy too, should I mail you cash?

  3. Nice cover! What a great legacy to leave from your PC adventures.