Thanksgiving 2008

We have had been busy traveling this past week. For two days we assisted with In Service Training (IST, Peace Corps loves the acronyms) for group #61. Foy and I with Tom and Meghan, a couple that came to Panama the same time we did, gave a talk about Seeders, a seed sharing program that we co-lead. We also had a hour set aside to talk with the five couples of Group #61 about our experiences thus far. When our group did IST a year ago, I recall getting a lot out of chatting with the more experienced volunteers. I enjoyed continuing the cycle with this group as they begin in earnest.

It has been raining for 8 - 16 hours a day in our site and we were glad to make it out. The day we came out November 24th an earthquake registering 6.2 rumbled near the the Costa Rica border and flash floods began. The volunteer Thanksgiving celebration was moved to El Valle de Anton due to washed out roads leading to the planed location in Cerro Punta. The media says this was the worst flooding in Panama in 40 years, and our country directer said it is the largest threat that he has dealt with in his tenure as director.

Despite the trials Thanksgiving went well. The volunteer organizers did an amazing job holding it all together. Four turkeys, three hams, and 45 pounds of mashed potatoes along with several large side dishes were vanquished by more them 7o happy Thanksgivingers. Foy and I did our part in the kitchen.

Foy working on the potatoes. (Our camera is having difficulties.)

April doing a quality check.

Meal in progress.

Turkey leg devouring in progress.

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