Day 614 - Volunteer Service - Obama takes his oath of office.

I was chatting with my mom right after the inauguration and she sent my comments on to the DesMoines Register. Click here and scroll down. I'm the first comment.

Obama takes his oath of office.
11:11 a.m. I watched the oath and speech. All the office staff and volunteers got together. The Panamanians kept saying how beautiful Obama is. They also all want Michelle's hair. It was kind of fun because they clapped along with the audience. They don't understand Obama's English very well. His speech had a lot of big, unusual words. There were lots of teary eyes. Then they got distracted by one of the American office staff during the speech. She's pregnant and she was sitting with her knee up. They told her the baby would have a squished face if she sat like that.

-- Foy, Ames native who is now in Panama with the Peace Corps.

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