Garden Rant

My lovely friend Jacqueline turned me on to a blog called GardenRant.com. This group of garden writers keep a blog together. It is wonderful combination of funny and pertinent gardening articles.

Recently they had a post on a new book called Green Gardener's Guide by Joe Lamp'l. They offered a copy of the book to "someone who really needs it". I nominated Peace Corps Panama. And we were selected to receive a copy. That's pretty exciting. This book will be a great resource for those of us working with school and home gardens. The book will become part of the technical library in the Peace Corps Office.

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  1. Hi Foy. I was so happy that you left your comment on Garden Rant about how my book would be a useful resource for your library in Panama. Susan invited me to help select the winner and we thought you guys should get a copy for sure. Thanks for what you both are doing down there and thanks again for nominating such a great cause.