Day 663 - Volunteer Service - Mom and Clarissa Visit Panama

My mom and sister came to see me and Jeff and Panama. We embarked on an amazing week of adventures. We visited the city, country and an island. We started with a visit to the port where the Mamoni River enters the Pacific. There we bought red sea bass and some sort of ocean catfish. They were tasty fried and later in curry. The dog did get his share of tale and fins. Mom and Clarissa visited where we live and hiked to ...look out points that were very muddy to reach.
We saw some banana plants along the way. We trekked across rivers to reach ...... the waterfalls.
We made some traditional Panamanian foods and used the raised cook fire called a Fogon to make s'mores. The heat from the fire made the shower (big blue tarp and bamboo box) quite toasty.
There was a lot of cattle moving while we were in El Valle as well as a political meeting and a Ministry of Agriculture meeting. Our porch is an excellent place to people watch.There was a bit of wildlife. There is a snake in this picture. Can you see him? Hint: he's green.
The chiva wouldn't come up the last hill into El Valle becuase it was too muddy. So we had to walk it with all our luggage. My family is awesome.
Then we headed off to Panama City where we based out of this lovely apartment on Plaza Bolivar. We went to the Beach on Isla Taboga for a day.
As well as the Panama Canal ...
... and shopping adventures. All of Casco Viejo is full of cats. Nice cats.

I was sad to see mom and Clarissa go. Although that was over shadowed by gut twisting worry with the stress of the ticket counter being closed when we arrived at the airport. And the fear that they wouldn't make their flight. It all worked out okay, but after our stern lecture from the Delta employee, I will be at least an hour early for international flights. Even though the Panama airport is tiny.


  1. Kristin Skelton3/20/2009

    This is aunt Kris saying "I am insanely jealous that I couldn't come along!! It looks like you had an amazing adventure!!" I would have loved to be there but school situations were not good at that time about taking trips on school time!! Love you two!!!!!

  2. Anonymous3/23/2009

    Thanks so much for planning all the fun adventures in Panama. I'm sure you both got tired of me asking, "what did they say?" But you never complained. NOLS calls that good "Expedition Behavior". Even though I only have 3.25 hours of vacation time in my hour bank at work now, it was totally worth it.
    Love, Clarissa

  3. Anonymous3/31/2009

    I've enjoyed the facebook pictures of your moms and Clarissa trip. It looks so much like Africa. I guess most tropical places look similar. Muddy during the rainy season and green everywhere. Aunt Pam