Picture Post

These pictures and events from the last several months did not find their way into individual posts.

In the end the humidity was too much for our camera and this is the best of the pictures from my birthday in December. (I was wearing shorts, honest!)

I took this picture of downtown Panama City from the top of Cerro Ancon while balanced on the back of a bench. Cerro Ancon is a tall hill in the middle of the city with a huge Panamanian flag on top.

While we were gone Zeus battled with an unknown titan. The wounds on his nose have since healed.

Foy's family sent us a new camera that arrive for us to pick it up during Christmas. Making all subsequent pictures, like this one from Foy's birthday, possible.

The Austin Brigade returned to Panama in January. Part of the group drove to Earthtrain's facilities not far from our house.

Texans with children at the school in our community.

These girls brought over an English version of Beauty and the Beast. I translated it as best I could. They seemed satisfied.

Irene, her granddaughter and dinner riding with us down to Chepo.

Beach combing at Veracruz near Panama city.

Our lovely embassy host family. Marcela, Daniel, and Isabela.

Daniel and JJ at Veracruz. The line of ships on the horizon are waiting their turn to pass through the canal to the Caribbean.

A new record, 33 people on the chiva going up to our site just before carnival.

Foy has been working in the school's garden daily. You can see the continental divide in the background.

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