Day 650 - Volunteer Service - Preparing for the March Brigade

We are gearing up for the Brigade from Texas 14-21 of March. There was a conference call tonight with Nathan of Earth Train, Charlie and Maggie of University of Texas Austin, Foy and Jeff of Peace Corps and Andri of Global Business Brigades. We ironed out some details for the March Texas Brigade.

Here is where things stand:
They are working to renovate the gallery. The electrical part, including lamps and fans are being worked on right now and hopefully next week it will be ready to paint. Nathan will not be in Panama for this Brigade.

All the pots have been planted. The plants are growing, but not as quick as we hoped. The goal is 25 plants ready for transport by March 12.

What this means:
The gallery will not be opening in March. It looks like it will be pushed back to April or May. During the March Brigade instead we will be working on the gallery and marketing and also having an open house event "Fiesta Planteadora". Lisette and Carlos will be our team from Earth Train at Casa Arias during the Brigade.

March brigade plans:
Again there will be two groups, City and Jungle. Six students in the City group and five in the Jungle group. City and Jungle will work together Sunday 14 to Monday 16 in The City. They will be working to prepare the gallery and other marketing things. The Jungle group will go to El Valle de Madrono for Tuesday 17- Thursday 19. In Madrono, Jungle will meet with the women, have a financial workshop, buy pots and look at transportation. They will come back to The City with the women who are growing the plants for the gallery event Thursday 19 in the afternoon. Meanwhile, the City group will continue working on the gallery, marketing, artist stuff and preparing for the Thursday event.

On Thursday, March 19 in the evening we will have the Fiesta Planteadora (The Planters Party). The goal will be to present who and what the gallery is, receive feedback on the gallery and further the network of the gallery. To this end Nathan recommended "A slide show, and 8 compelling questions to draw out ideas and engage the guests." The guest list will include all supporters of the gallery: artists, journalists, Casco businesses, embassy people and friends of Earth Train.

Friday 20, the women will return to El Valle. The Texans will follow up in the Casco for their remaining time in Panama.

Who's doing what:
Before the March brigade these things need to be done.

Foy and Jeff will invite the women to a financial workshop on Wednesday 18, and then to the event at Casco Veijo. They will work to make sure the plants are as far along as possible.

Nathan and Earth Train (Lisette, Carlos) will make sure the gallery renovation is as far a long as possible, help make a list of contacts to invite to the Fiesta Planteadora, distribute invitations, suggest 8 compelling questions and provide photos for the slide show to Texas.

GBB Panama (Andri) will arrange all logistics and the women's stay in Panama City, create a list of contacts to invite to Fiesta Planteadora and help distribute invitations.

Texas will make the invitation to Fiesta Planteadora in English and Spanish, work with GBB to make a list of contacts to invite to the event and facilitate the distribution of invitations. Jungle group will prepare the workshop on receipts and consider transportation of the plants. City group will draft the slide show, and 8 Compelling Questions.

These are my notes on the meeting. I tried to keep track of all the details, there was a lot said and if there are additions or corrections let me know.

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