The end is coming

This is it. We are in our last weeks as Peace Corps Volunteers - exciting, scary, happy a whole mix of emotions.

We started selling off the big items in our house like the stove, mattresses, gas tanks, hand grinder and such. Some of them are already gone, but somethings like the stove and mattress won't be taken out until our last day.
Our final day in our community is July 11. Then we have a couple days in Panama City before we fly into Des Moines, Iowa on July 16.
For our last couple weeks we will be enjoying the beach one last time with a couple days at the Decamaron Resort with other volunteers in our group, walking to the waterfall one more time, saying good-bye to the friends we have met along the way. It's been an interesting journey.


  1. Anonymous7/01/2009

    It's sad that your Panamian adventure is nearing its end, but I'll be in Ames for the weekend when you guys get back!

  2. Anonymous7/01/2009

    That last comment was from me, Clarissa, your favorite sister! :o)

  3. My Panamanian adventure is ending this month, too... I've been an exchange student here since January and I'd like to thank you guys for your blog, it's been good to read :)

  4. Counting the days till your return from the great Panamanian adventure. Hope that all goes very smoothly and you step off the plane in Des Moines in two weeks with big smiles on your faces (and a calm kitty in the carrier)!

  5. Wow! IS it finally over? You must have extremely mixed feelings. Be sure to find some time to give us a call after you get back to Ames. - Steve

  6. I'm sad I'll miss your arrival in Ames, but I can't wait to see you when you come to CA!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!

  7. Anonymous7/12/2009

    Good Job Guys! Welcome back! - Thomas