La Palma and Darien Regional Meeting

For our last Darian/Panama Este regional meeting we made our way to La Plama, the provinical capitol of Darién. There are no roads to La Palam, so all 14 Peace Corps Volunteers east of Panama hopped on a boat at Port Quimba and made the half hour trip to La Palma.
Small and rustic, I would not recommend it as a vacation destination. This picture does it more than justice.
After the meeting most of us stayed the night at the hotel Pablo y Benito. This the view from the porch that evening. 
There are about 170 (scheduled to increase soon) Peace Corps Volunteers in Panama, but the bulk of the population and development are west of Panama City. Our small group is spread across the whole eastern half of the country. At times it is isolating being so far from other volunteers and without any means of communication. (The public phone has not worked for the last seven months, and we have no cell reception.) We have a great set of volunteers in our region and have enjoyed the few chances that we got hangout with them. 
La Familia Darién
June 2009
(stern faced style of Panamanian portraits)
Thank you, for the best and probably only game of flip cup La Palma has ever seen.

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