Our Last Month

My father and step-mother visited us for five days. We spent a peaceful several days at our house and a less peaceful day in Panama City.

They are our last international guests, but we have some fellow volunteers visiting later this month for our despedida (farewell party) .

We are approaching the end of our time in Panama. I have bought my tickets and will be flying into Des Monies July 16th. We have completed most of the requisite paperwork and have been selecting which items to fly back with. The rest we can try to sell or more likely give away.
People have asked or told me I will miss Panama. I am sure I will, but I came here intending to stay for two years, and now it is time to go. Panamanians rarely use adios the most common translation of good-bye. They usualy rely on chao, or hasta luego (until later). To them adios means you do not think you will meet again. Maybe it is an expression of hope that you go to God (a Dios) when you die and they will not be there to say it. We are approching the time to use adios.

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  1. Good luck saying goodbye, guys. Hope you got everything you wished from the experience and are excited for new (hopefully West Coast) adventures!