Panamanian Recipes: Recipes from Panama

Panama may not be world renowned for it's culinary delicacies, but after two years of cooking in the campo, I have come across some pretty good eats.
Two pots, one of rice and one of pollo guisado cooking
over fagons (open cook fires). From Cooking in Panama
For me food is culture. Recipes can tell you a lot about a place and its people. Panamanian food is a mix of Spanish, Caribbean, and Mandarin flavors and is always served with a generous serving of white rice and a little bit of lime. If you want your own little slice link to the recipes below and get cookin'.


  1. So glad I found you through FoodBuzz. These Panamanian recipes have made my week!

  2. Anonymous7/28/2010

    i just wanted to let you know i enjoy reading through your blog. i spent two months this year in cambutal. tons of amazing food experiences! and i see your cat, he is one of the lucky ones!!!!

  3. Excellent post dear blogger, I think you're doing an important contribution, but you should add as a land bridge between two continents, Panama possesses an unusual variety of tropical fruits, vegetables and herbs that are used in native cooking. Panamanian cuisine is a unique mix of African, Spanish, Native American cooking and dishes, reflecting its diverse population.

  4. Anonymous4/22/2013

    This is great, I have been looking for Panamanian recipes for quite some time! It would also be great to know how to prepare some of the more unusual vegetables and fruits...Or do you, by any chance, happen to know how to make Tamales de Olla?