Blackberry Picking in Oregon

We headed out to Willamette Mission State Park near Salem, Oregon and picked blackberries until our hands were purple and our buckets were full.

What are we going to do with all these blackberries? So far Emily has made a blackberry pie and blackberry crumble. The rest of berries were blended into a puree and put in the fridge. The thought is to make black berry ice-cream, but even if we make a batch of that we'll only have used half the fruit. I'm searching for ideas and I found this: http://www.recipe.com/recipes/fruit/blackberries/popular/

But I want something more. Something that requires the pulped fruit. Any ideas?


  1. You could make Blackberry Gelees like these


    or these

    or you could freeze it to use later.

  2. We've got them in the freezer now. But I bet we could still make gelees. Give me a couple days though, I'm kind on blackberried out right now.