Foy and Jeff Go West

We walked back into our old lives and took up our old seats at the table. Game night with friends, family dinners, beers on the porch and some how a month went by quickly.

Now we are off to our next adventure. We fly to Portland, Oregon where we will meet up with Adam, Jeff's twin brother, and his lovely wife in Salem. Then on to Steven's, Jeff's brother, and his girlfriend's place in Seattle. And I also get to see Sara (photo right)! I haven't seen her in more than two years, which is way too long.

I've never been to the west coast and I'm itching to see if it lives up to my preconceived notions: fruit basket of America, best climate, rainiest, rocky coast, big trees, big cities, urban sprawl, pine forests, vineyards, $$$, steep cliffs into the ocean, waterfalls, top restaurants and home of the slow food movement in the USA.

The excuse for this trip is to retrieve Jeff's car which is in Seattle. So we'll fly out and drive back. There is a definite starting date, but no definite end date. We will end our trip when we

a) Get a decent job offer
b) Have seen all there is to see
c) Become fishy guests
d) The end of September

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