Foy's accomplishents during her Peace Corps service in Panama

Jeff put up his description of his Peace Corps service. It looks pretty similar to mine since we did so much together.

During my two years in Peace Corps I served as a:
  • Coordinator for Global Brigades, a sustainable development organization
  • Instructor of Agriculture and Soil Conservation at the El Valle Primary School
  • English-Spanish translator for outreach medical and eye clinics
  • Writer of 25 articles on living in Panama for the Ames Tribune (Iowa)
  • Editor for the Peace Corps Panama Volunteer Cookbook a fund raiser for Gender and Development
  • Trainer for Peace Corps Panama Sustainable Agriculture Systems sector
  • Guest lecturer for Iowa State University's Sustainable Agriculture in Panama Study Abroad Class May 2008 and May 2009
  • National Director of Seeders Panama

Coordinator for Global Brigades
I identified seven women in the community who were both active gardeners and interested in earning additional income. These women formed a group to grow and sell ornamental plants. I worked with Global Business Brigades in January 2008 to facilitate teaching business skills and find a market for the plants. The ornamental plants project benefited from four implementation trips, totaling $6,300 in funding and hundreds of hours of student labor. More than 100 students from UT-Austin College of Business visited Panama and experienced sustainable development. In March 2009, the gallery Artes Natura in Panama City opened and began selling ornamental potted plants from El Valle.

Trainer for Peace Corps Panama
I helped with the training of new volunteers by :

  • Writing curriculum, teaching material and resource booklets for Peace Corps Panama on: School and Home Gardens, Seed Saving and Banking and Composting
  • Facilitating a round table discussion on Seed Saving at the Sustainable Agriculture Systems Sector Conference
  • Training the pre-service volunteers on composting, traditional agriculture in Panama, building plant nurseries, home and school gardens and seed banking
Co-coordinator of Seeders
Aimee, the Sustainable Agriculture Systems Program Director, asked me to lead the seed exchange program for Peace Corps Panama because of my horticulture background and work with gardens and ornamental plants in our community. As the director of Seeders, I worked as part of a team of four volunteers to collect, package and distribute garden, green manure and reforestation seeds to volunteers through out the country. I also helped start the regional seeders program, wrote for the quarterly Seeders newsletter, restructured the seed packaging and labeling process and wrote a booklet on how to collect and save seeds from 31 common edible plants grown in Panama.

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