Cross Coutry Tour Rout

What is the most interesting way to get from Seattle to Iowa? The rout where we see the most friends and most fabulous places? Those are the questions I have been working on all afternoon. And here is the best answer I can come up with:
We'll start up at Steve and Jessica's in Seattle then work our way down the coast:
A - Seattle, WA
B - Salem, OR
C - Crater Lake, OR
D - Redwood National Forest, CA
E - Santa Clara, CA - to see Sara A.
F - Las Angles Area, CA - to see Steve and Marigold
H - Las Vegas, NV
I - Grand Canyon, AZ
J - Petrified Forest, NM
K - Austin, TX - to see Miranda and Andy
L - College Station, TX - to see Drew
M - Kansas City, MO - to see Andri and Britney
N - Ames, IA
We are still working out the details. As it is right now we have 11 states over 4,421 miles. That equals 76 hours of driving in 16 days. It all starts September 14th. If you have any advice for what we should see and do along the way - neither of us have been this way before - please leave us some ideas in the comments.


  1. A. our futon used to be comfortable, now it's 'better than the floor' but you're welcome to it!

    B. the way into texas is kinda beautiful along I-10 especially north of it.
    my mom camped at this place called Balmoreah - i may have the spelling wrong. but apparently it's a springs, beautiful, and awesome - so check that out.

  2. Perhaps check out this link and see if any of these restaurants/dives interest you and which ones are along your path. Jane and Michael Stern are known for picking good road food. I have this dream of taking this epic drive to Prince Edward Island, Canada via Niagra Falls and hitting little road food places along the way.

    There is also sometimes a segment you can listen to when you click on each restaurant.


  3. What? You're not going from California to Iowa by way of North Carolina? ;-) Safe travels, and I'll look forward to hearing more tales of your adventures!

  4. That route really could have run through Iowa City, too. :) I'm so excited to have local Diesburgs again!