The Oregon Garden

It is the dry season in Oregon. Nice clear skies and brittle grass and dust. I have a feeling this garden would have been better during the wetter times of year. It also looks like the might be suffering funding issues. A lot of the pathways were unkept and there were very visible weeds. Of their 21 gardens, the best looking was the conifer garden. Click for more photos.
I would have enjoyed the garden more if the price of admision hadn't left a bad taste in my mouth. It was $14 per adult. It was a nice garden, but $28 is cost prohibitive. It would be nice if it was a place everyone could enjoy.
The Gordon House can also be visited on the same drive as the garden. It's a cute little Frank Loyde Wright designed for an average income family. They closed at 5:00 pm , so we didn't get inside, but we snuck peaks in the windows and it's great little house. I'd live in it.

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