We spent Saturday in Portland. It was a very busy day lead by our fearless guides Adam and Emily. It was actually an excellent day trip for Portland.

We visited:
  • The Saturday Market - Lots of neat artisans with goods for sale.
  • Cacao - A delectable little cafe where they have drinking chocolate constantly stirring. It's like hot chocolate, but better.
  • Powell's - a bookstore that takes up a full city block and to help you find your way each wing is color coded.
  • The Carts for Thai food - I don't know what their official name is but there are a bunch of carts not too far from the market. I'm sure they are meant for the business crowd to get their lunch. On Saturday they were half closed and not very busy, so we picked a likely cart and ate the best Thai food I've had for the price. A $6 serving of Pad Thai fed Jeff and me.
  • The Chinese Garden - Not far from the market is the Chinese Garden. It's one city block big and elegantly landscaped to feel bigger much bigger.
  • Hoda's - A Lebanese restaurant where I had a falafal sandwich. It is also the source of the secret recipe for making hummus - boil the beans with baking soda.
  • The Kennedy School Project - a former elementary school converted into a trendy bar/restaurant/event center/hotel. The picture below is the stair rail at the Boiler Room bar. It was an entertaining place just to walk around in.
  • Pix Pastisserie - the last stop was Pix for dessert. This place was over flowing with people, but we eventually got a table. Jeff and I split The Amelie and Potluck Pleaser. The Amelie was way better. It was a good way to end our night.

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