Road Trip - Day 1 - Salem, Or to Cresent City, Ca

We had a tasty breakfast with Emily and Adam before heading out this morning. Today we are going to Crater Lake Nation Park. Along the way we stocked up on cacoa covered chocolate almonds and extra sharp cheddar cheese at Trader Joe’s. Gas prices vary between $2.93 and $3.07 for a gallon of regular. We climbed up into the Cascades of Oregon. The highway is lined with pine trees and log cabins.

Crater Lake was indeed as blue and clear as sapphires. It’s more panoramic and the saturated blue of the waters is something that can’t be appreciated in pictures. We drove the east side of the crater and learned that the color of the water is due to it’s depth and clarity. We also learned that Masuma was the volcano that blew up 700 years ago and sunk to make crater lake.

We drove into California for the night and got our first eyeful of redwoods. I can see why people would chain themselves to these. We almost stayed at a place called Out N About Treehouse Resort, but they didn’t have any vacancies. So instead we drove to an Econolodge and stayed in a boring room. But we had internet access.

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