Road Trip - Day 10 - Grand Canyon

We got moving a little late today and drove through Williams for lunch. They have a Route 66 Main Street and we had good diner food with excellent service at the Pine Cone CafĂ©. Then we drove up to Grand Canyon Nation Park were the entry fee was $25 for one car. Unlike the Oregon Public Garden this was worth it. My family visited the Grand Canyon when I was a kid and I remember driving through and stopping at look out points. Now they have this big parking lot and you take their bus shuttle service along the rim. It was a very slick deal you don’t have to drive-park-drive, we took the bus then walked a bit then picked up the bus up again. I was enchanted with the Hermit’s Rest building. It has a great domed hearth made of local rock and a beautiful view of the Canyon. It was originally built in the early 1900’s as the end of a stagecoach tour of the canyon - a place for the tourist to warm themselves and have some refreshments before going back down.

We drove out of the park around 7:30.

We hit 2,000 miles driven today (that’s starting from Salem).

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