Road Trip - Day 16 - Illinois

We reached Jeff's Dad's and stepmom Lynn's house around 8pm and by the time we got there Jeff was shaking with fever. He started feeling ill just after lunch. So we didn't stay up late and piled the blankets on so Jeff could hopefully sweat it out.

The next day Jeff was still sick. So we got out of doing some chores that evidently had been planned for us. I got a hold Lynn's mom's recipe box and typed up some of her recipes. They may eventually make it onto my newest blog Recipes from my Grandma. This new little venture is an effort to record recipes and memories that go with for my family. I am currently focusing on my Grandma Jones and Jeff's Grandma Irene. I would love to get some of the classic recipes up before Christmas and Thanksgiving. I also think the site needs a new header, something cleaner and brighter. I'll see what I can come up with.

So we spent another night at Jeff's dad's house and Jeff was still sick, but he didn't have a fever.

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