Road Trip - Day 17 - St. Louis to Iowa

We left Illinois behind and headed for St. Louis. Jeff's dad had the ingenuity to realize the reason the cigarette lighter and the horn didn't work was because we had blown that fuse. So we got a new fuse and hooked up the GPS and off we went.

I was starting to get the fever/chills thing Jeff had and Jeff was still kind of sick. But we were feeling well enough to stop at the St. Louis Botanical Garden which is one of my favorite public gardens. I really wanted to do a horticulture internship there my Freshman year of college. Instead I got Chicago Botanic which wound up being my favorite of the four internships I did. Why did I want St. Louis more than Chicago? It has intern housing which would have been preferable to living with a host family. We wondered around the garden for a couple hours. They have a beautiful children's' garden and a top quality conservatory.

Then I started to get cold and shaky and we got back in the car and drove on. We came into Ames, Iowa about 7:30pm and I went straight to bed. It's good to be back and have my own bed.

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