Road Trip - Day 2 - Cresant City, Ca to Santa Clara, Ca

We got up and drove into Crescent City at the very top of the California coast line. We stopped at the beach. It smelled very crabby. I picked up a knot of some sort of wood.
Then we drove into the Redwood National Forest and passed so close to the redwoods we could see the lichen on the bark.

We stopped off at the Loleta Cheese Factory where we sampled 44 varieties of cheese. They make cheddar, haviarti, fontina and jack cheese then age and flavor it to get the many varieties. We bought a delicious organic white sharp cheddar and a chipotle jack. They even had a well tended garden outback that would be a great place for a party, perhaps a wine and cheese party. Although they would need liquor license for that. Then we wound our way down through Humbolt State Park and drove the Avenue of Giants. We stopped off at Founder’s Cove and several other places to walk between the trees and inhale their Christmas scent. On the way out we saw the One Log House – a big log someone had hallowed out and made into a little house then hoisted it on a trailer and used it to tour around. We also bought an unfinished slab of redwood wood. The plan is to make it into a table top or some other interesting and useful piece of furniture for our future house.
Now we are heading down Highway 101 and should arrive at Sara Antion’s apartment in the suburbs of San Franscico around 10 tonight. San Franscico looks smoggy and sparkly.

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