Road Trip - Day 4 - San Fransico

We headed into the city of San Fransico and visited Sara’s studio. Then we took the public transportation to a gallery that Sara had to write a report on. It was a show of paintings of scenes from Star Trek and then collages of pornographic nudes with Ford’s and Nixon’s head pasted on. I didn’t get it.
Then we took more public transport out to Fisherman’s Warf and had sourdough bread bowls with clam chowder. We walked around a bit and saw Alcatraz and the golden gate bridge. There were a ton of characturer artists and people selling cheap beaded jewelry. We did find a gallery with well done sculptures by a Columbian artist called Nano Lopez. It seems like we have run across a lot of good Columbian artists. We also liked Lobo Guerrero’s oil paintings we saw in a gallery in Bogata.

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