Road Trip - Day 5 - Route One to Las Angelas

We left Sara’s and Matt’s Apartment around 8 am and got gas for way too much. It was 3.39 a gallon. Then we cut over to the coast and drove down Route One. As far as I can tell that road exists for tourists. Stunning dramatic views of steep cliffs and crashing waves. Lots of rocks and tight curves with little beach-lets. We saw fat grey elephant seals and a variety of other animals. We bought a big box of almost over ripe strawberries. Then we had lunch at a little beachside bar and grill.

We passed the 1000 mile mark. By tonight we should be well beyond Santa Barbara. Actually we were going to camp along the beach, but we forgot it is Friday and everyone is going camping for the weekend. Instead we are going to press through LA to get to Steve and Marigold’s in Huntington Beach. We came in around 9 pm. It was good to see them.

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