Road Trip - Day 8 - Seal Beach, Ca

Steve left early for a conference in Vegas, so Jeff and I hung out with Marigold and the kids in the morning. Then Jeff and I went down to Seal Beach, had lunch at a Mexican joint and wandered in the galleries. It was definitely higher quality prints and some originals then the stuff we had been seeing in the other touristy galleries in Northern California.
For dinner we all went down to the BBQ Pit where they have a kid play area and delicious sweet potato fries. But there must have been something else in the sauce because Jeff had an allergic reaction and it gave him Angelina Jolie lips. So Jeff took some Benidryll and we watched Wall-e. Then everyone went to bed early.


  1. Oh, Jeff
    I laugh every time I see this photo. Not being a very nice (or civil) mother-in-law probably. ....But it is really funny.

    Love, one of the moms

  2. Whoa! You look like Jessica Simpson!

  3. Also you should find out what that spice is. Might be the one that made Mary sick in Seattle -- made her throat close all up. Seriously, Adam wants to know what it is, he's afraid he's next!