Road Trip - Day 9 - Las Vegas

Spent the morning with Marigold and the kids and then hit the road around 10am to get to Las Vegas. We came into Las Vegas around four in the afternoon and parked at the Bellagio. Jeff’s lips are almost back to their normal size.
We the admired casino’s conservatory and ceiling covered in Cheholi glass piece. Steve had a bike convention, so we met up with him and wandered around the strip. We ate dinner in Cesar’s Palace and checked out several galleries. Valdamire Kush Gallery and Nano Lopez were the most interesting. We walked our tootsies off to see the new Paris and Planet Hollywood (pH) casinos. Then we drove on out of there around nine.

We crossed the Hoover Dam at about 10pm and then drove a little further and stopped in Kingman, AZ for the night.

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