Road Trip - Day 15 - Texas to Illinois and Watermelon

Our goal is to get to De Soto, Il by tonight. So we are driving about 14 hours in one go today. We did stop for lunch at a place called Los Dos Loco Gringos. It was decent Mexican. The more interesting part was they had three huge watermelons for sale. The one on the left weighs about as much me (142 lbs) the one on the right was about the same as Jeff (214 lbs).

The guy who grows these, Lloyde Bright also holds the Guiness Book of World Records for largest watermelon. Guess how much it weighed? 268 pounds! Lloyd was selling these three lesser monsters for $50 a pop. They are the ultimate picnic melon.

We came into Desoto, Illinois around 9:30 tonight.

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