Road Trip - Thank You Awards

Thank you every one who opened their homes to us on our road trip. It was awesome to see you guys. I will now hand out the Foy and Jeff Road Trip Awards:

Cutest Kids: Hands down Steve and Marigold with their gems of children Milo and Huck. Jeff and I should rent the apartment next door so we can write parallel blogs about kids, crafting and making a homemade life. So just find us a job in the area. You also get big kudos for the best hat (photo right).

Best and Worst Bed: Adam and Emily - that bed was like sleeping in a two person taco until the new boards gave it new life. Positive proof simple fixes are effective and efficient. You guys also get honorable mention for best black berry picking, best state fair, and best breakfast food!

Best Location: Steven and Jessica - down town Seattle was a treat. Walking distance to Pike's Market! Bonus points for no bed bug bites. And a high five for the best meal I've had in the last three years. Tilth was divine.

Best Wine and Pesto: Miranda and Andy that was a fabulous night! I wish we could do that at least once a month. So next month you guys drive up to Iowa, okay?

Best Thai Curry: Drew and Kate - that restaurant made my week! You guys also get points for biggest TV and nerdiest friends. Ultimate Frisbee and Magic in the same weekend? Woot!


  1. I guess we should feel honored? I graciously decline this prize.

  2. So if I make you a little jpg award image you don't want it?