November Art Shows

Foy contacted venues in Ames that host local artists. Both Café Milo and Capanna were available in November (now).

I framed a group of pieces before we left for Peace Corps, but I forgot that I gave most of those to our friends. I thought that I had about one show worth of work framed already and I would only need to frame the pieces I made in Panama for the second show. Digging my art out of storage I realized that just about the only frame pieces I kept three year ago were the ones that I am not willing to sell.So I spent a week matting and framing thirty pieces.
The last weekend in October I hung shows at Café Milo
And Capanna
Both spaces are comfortable and my art looks great. The feedback I got while putting it up was a boost to my spirit. Unfortunately, neither place is geared towards selling art and I don't think their college age clientele is my best target audience. I'll let you know how it goes when I take it all down in December.

Those of you who can, please go see my work while it’s up. If you are too far away you are welcome to check out my work at jeffdiesburg.com.